This is a privately collected Touhou leader board.

A doubtable or above 3% slow (guess same as an official Score Board) replays are asterisked.
On the other hand, there are many replays without the proof (basicly replays) registered in my leader board.
I trust the reports from "long-playing-players". (If your 2.8B th7-playing friend reported you that he or she got 3B after a year from 2.8B, you believe, don't you?
I respect the "name and history" of players.)

A "Lunatic" difficulty "cleared" play with earned score more than...

will be registered. No stage6-s(=No cleared), No continued, No cheats. (Vpatch is an only accepted outside tool)
The limit score could be change by my own judge.

I'll try to find these replays in 1-3 days from Official Score Board, but it will may take more time from twitter or other score board especially set in abroad.

If you have an interesting information, report me!! Twitter → @pndsng

Thank you.